Pizzoccheri (buckwheat noodles, cabbage, potatoes)

October 10th, 2012 § 0 comments

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This traditional dish, is a specialty of the mountainous region of Valtellina in the Lombardy region of Italy. This part of Lombardy is in what is known as the Italian ALps. Since part of Lombardy borders Switzerland, it’s only natural the food would be influenced by this country. Pizzoccheri is one of those foods.

Pizzoccheri are noodles, similar in the shape of tagliatelle pasta; except it’s made with half buckwheat flour and half durum flour. This combination of flours, gives these noodles a distinctive taste. The buckwheat noodles are traditionally combined with greens, such chard or cabbage, like I have here. This recipe also has potatoes, onion, cheese, sage & caraway seeds. It’s a hearty dish, good for those cold Alpine days. The ingredients are not what we would think of as being Italian, but these types of foods are indicative to the Northern cuisine.

Even though, I don’t live in the Italian Alps, it sure does get cold here in New York. This dish is perfect for those winter days, no matter where you live.
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