Cheesecake/Carrot Cake

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Happy Birthday to ME, Happy Birthday to ME, Happy Birthday Dear DIVA, Happy Birthday to ME!!!

On one of my milestone birthdays, I was so depressed that I cried the entire day. My poor husband tried to make the day special. Besides bying me a fantactic gift, he took me to have a fancy dinner at the “Four Seasons” restaurant in Manhattan. Instead of enjoying it, I got upset with him because there were too many “blue haired people,” (are the words I used) in the restaurant and it made me feel old.

When I came to my senses, I realized HOW RIDICULOUS that was! From that point on, I decided not to attach an age to my birthday, but to celebrate it as another year I was blessed with life! If your age gets you down, just start looking at it in a different way. We can’t change the fact that we’re all getting older, but we can change the way we think about it.

I now believe in celebrating my birthday to it’s fullest. For me it doesn’t last a day, I have week long celebrations. One year I actually wrote up an itinerary of activities for my friends to help me celebrate. My birthday has become an event for both me & my friends, that we all look forward to. This year besides the day at the spa, lunch with a few friends, dinner with my husband, then a dinner with my family. I always try to plan something extra fun for me to do with my friends. This year we are going to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, New York; with some of my closest friends.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with Arthur Avenue, it’s the Italian section of the Bronx which has rows & rows of restaurants and speciality food stores. The restaurant we’re going to is called
“Pasquale Rigaletto’s.” I love this place because not only is the food good, but they have a man that sings old Italian songs, like my father and uncles use to. They would sing, and we kids would sing right along with them not knowing a single word they were saying, nor did we care. All we knew is that we were having fun. This place reminds me of those happy times spent with my family. I can’t think of a better place to celebrate my LIFE!
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The cake is a creamy cheese cake that is sandwiched between 2 layers of carrot cake & covered with a cream cheese icing! It’s decadent, rich & sinful! A must try!


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